We are at the onset of a generation in battery run vehicles with advancements in technology, which will replace the toxic worldwide vehicle fleet to a highly environmentally benign nature. The consequence of this technological shift is a significant drop in air pollution, less climate changing greenhouse effects in the atmosphere and better health outcomes. It would also alter the way how storage and energy generation is considered. Electric cars in Australia have been experiencing a gradual start, but for economic, strategic, environmental and health reasons, it is believed that change to electric version of vehicles in a certainty. It is right time now to make a switch.

Nissan leaf

The Nissan Leaf occupies the top spot when it comes to best electric cars in Australia; however the hydrogen-powered Honda Clarity is also a game changer. The range-widened GM volt is also excellent. What makes leaf good isNissan leaf elctric car that it runs like a real car. It consists of a workable corolla-sized cabin, handles and rides well and it pretty spritely in traffic. The clarity is yet only in restricted trials, but it is a best workplace fuel cell car meant to prove that hydrogen can be a reliable source of energy for transportation purpose.  The volt will turn out as a Holden and will take a new approach, with the help of onboard petrol engine to assist charging its batteries. It is reliably electric as well as good to drive, though possibly to be expensive and feature a cramped cabin.

S sedan and Mitsubishi iMiev

Popular American electric car manufacturer Tesla’s ideal sales model would be the reason it’s made model S sedan is the highly popular choice of best electric car in Australia. Mitsubishi iMiev has also been named among the best electric cars. It has an internal combustion gasoline engine that has completely been replaced with an efficient, clean Mitsubishi electric motor and high technology drivetrain, which create zero on-road emissions.

S sedan and MitsubishiWhen it comes to charging options, Mitsubishi iMiev includes a portable, convenient charging cable which plugs into a specified 15 amp standard 120 volts household outlet and creates a full charge from empty without 14 hours. For quick charging, there is an optional eaton home charning dock or aero environment that offers a complete charge within 6 hours. In additional, this electric car is featured with public quick charger port, which is connected to CHAdeMO level three public chargers to offer 80% charge in as short time as thirty minutes. I-Miev ES is hundred percentages electric car, with no gar required and zero tailpipe emission vehicle. It has a regenerative braking unit with highly advanced air bag system featured with double-stage supplemental front air bags.