Electric Tankless water heaters or demand-type water heaters, provide hot water whenever it is needed as in the case of tankless water heaters water is directly turned from cold to hot water in real-time. Comparing to the other water heaters with the tank, tankless water is much more effective in heating the water and saving the energy consumption. In the case of water heaters with tank there are a number of standby energy losses with the use of storage water heaters and thus cost more money. Considering the benefits of top rated tankless water heater we at Rajshree Fans are working on the manufacturing of the best electrical tankless water heater for our dear customers. Our team is determined to do the best work on the manufacturing, making the electrical water heater more efficient and energy saving.electric raj Shree tankless water heater.rajshree electric tankless water heater

Rajshree Electric Tankless water Heater Solutions

We are Rajshree are working on electrical water heaters, to provide the best solution for making the customers live better in daily life routines. With this tankless water heater you will be having an endless supply of hot water whenever you need it, as the heating process takes place in real time. As the name suggests no storage tank is used in case of tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters are much more energy efficient so you don’t have to worry about those big electricity bills anymore.

Our Tankless Technology

With our innovative technology of tankless water heaters, we provide an endless supply of hot water by our appliances to customers whenever they need it. These can be used easily and effectively for simultaneous uses. Whether you need a hot water supply for showers, bath, and dishwashing or for the laundry purpose electric tankless water heater will make hot water for you instantaneously. No more mess of setting the water heater before starting work or going for a bath. Our products are designed for efficiency, with the use of modern technology and development good quality products are used for proper heat exchange in these tankless water heater that not only saves money but increases the efficiency up to 40 percent as compared to those traditional water heaters with storage tanks. The best feature is doubt the heating of water only when it is needed, you don’t have to set the heater on prior doing the work electric tankless water heater you need hot water for. Thus tankless technology saves lot of utility costs.

electric tankless water heaterBe a smart investor by investing in electric tankless water heaters rather than going for water tanks with storage and increase your home value. In this field of electric tankless water heaters many brands have come and gone, leaving their customers unheard but at Rajshree we provide the best parts for replacement if ever needed, these components can be easily exchanged. Our products are compact in design and consume lesser space for operation, but we never compromised with the output. You will have the maximum output every time. With smaller designs you can install the water heater in areas with less space; here we would like to add that the installation must be done by the experts for the best installation and efficiency.